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Massage Therapy and Bodywork sessions are influenced with Traditional Thai Massage and Sacred Lomilomi bodywork. The focus of each session will be to find your comfort level, release discomfort, and bring the body in balance with the mind. A simple and effective approach to healing.


Lomilomi sessions

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This is an ancient form of healing from Hawai’i. Lomi lomi is a deep healing practice passed down through generations with the most respect. It is a true way of life. There are many dimensions and aspects to name. If you are interested I will meet with you and we can go from there.

What to expect with your massage and bodywork session

For your first session plan on arriving at least 15 minutes early to fill out the client intake form. The therapist will go over the form with you and possibly ask further questions to help determine your health and wellness goals for the session.

Physical condition, medical history, any physical areas of pain, medications, allergies, and stress levels will be discussed to determine the structure of the massage.

Before your massage, the therapist will ask you to remove clothing to your comfort level. The therapist will leave the room for a couple of minutes while you undress, lie on the table, underneath the sheets as instructed and relax.

Music will be played to help relax the mind, let the therapist know if the music is a distraction or not to your taste. You may communicate as necessary throughout the massage, that is your choice. The therapist will ask if the pressure is comfortable for you.

Oil or lotion will be used during the massage, if you are allergic, let the therapist know beforehand.

When the massage is complete, the therapist will let you know and will give you time to slowly get up and get dressed in privacy. The therapist will then offer you water. Any feedback is greatly appreciated. As with any service, tips are appreciated but not required.

Thank you for your time.

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