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My experience with massage and bodywork officially began in 2010. It has been mind opening from the moment I decided it would be a path for me. I have been blessed with some amazing teachers both with the initial start of massage school and with my continued education. I have studied massage and bodywork, and have found I will forever be a student eager to learn more. My modalities include; Lomilomi, Thai yoga, deep tissue, sports, lymphatic, ashiatsu, sarga, hydrotherapies hot and cold, cupping, pre and post natal, along with the basics learned in my initial schooling.

As a massage therapist it is important to remain present with each individual. I believe it is beneficial for myself and the person receiving bodywork. I am comfortable with the profession and understand each session will be a new space for healing, every minute is a chance to clear unwanted blockage. whether it is deep tissue or light guided energy bodywork I will remain clear with my intention.

Dinah Andrade, LMT — Love your life.

Inner Strength Body Work Team

Sonya Evans

A yoga instructor since 2013. I incorporate assisted stretching and traction techniques known as “Thai Yoga Massage” into my practice to assist in exploring sensation, relieving joint stiffness and pain, as well increasing range of motion and flexibility. Other modalities include sports massage, Swedish, and trigger point therapy to help ease muscle tension and pain. And to meet client needs whether there is an injury, muscle tightness, anxiety, or just wanting a therapeutic session to maintain good health. I also use infrared heat which helps with detoxification, pain relief, improve circulation, and more.

Cupping is available upon request.

Barb Warren

My approach to massage sessions are very present and grounded, listening to a persons needs. Over 21 years of experience with different techniques as needed.. including deep tissue, trigger point therapy, Thai massage, fibromyalgia focus, migraine focus or sports injury awareness. A massage therapist since 2013. My massage style blends muscle-specific trigger point techniques with a deep flowing relaxing Swedish. As well as stretching with myofascial release to promote tension and pain relief.

Amy Mendez

I enjoy working with clients to help them achieve their health goals. Providing muscle tension recovery for those who maintain an active lifestyle or have chronic related stress, it helps the body retain balance. I utilize multiple tools and knowledge to find results best suited for each individual. (Cupping, kinesio tape, essential oils, and CBD.)

I believe our bodies are our greatest gift, we must take a proactive holistic approach in order to live happier, healthier lives.

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